Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The International year of the wiki

"The International year of the wiki" was written on a 07-08 planning calendar in our staff room last June. We are not sure by whom, but my suspicion is that it was Malcolm Nicolson, the MYP Coordinator, a guy with a great sense of humor. He has since moved to become head of the MYP in Cardiff, which is a great loss to the school. But why was it so funny? Well at the beginning of last year none of the staff had even heard of wikis, yet over the next 12 months the whole of the secondary school curriculum was moved online on to wikis. People had spent so much time wikiing, that many actually believed 07-08 was the International year of the wiki “Is it really?”; “so everybody’s wikiing are they?”

These are two training videos I did; which are available from our network in high definition and on Google videos, out of school.

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