Sunday, 5 November 2006

EARCOS Administrators Conference 2006

“Shared Vision Through Collaboration, Technology and Global Awareness”

Ian Jukes : Understanding Digital Kids: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape. This presentation examined the new digital landscape and the profound implications this holds for the future
of education. It looked at what does the latest neuroscientific and psychological research tell us about the role of intense and frequent experiences on the brain, particularly the young and impressionable brain?

- I always enjoy listening to Ian Jukes as he is such a motivational speaker. I think as educators, we know that kids learn differently. They are used to multi-sensory stimulation and many do not respond well to "Talk and Chalk". I once had a class of 12 year old students listening to a Podcast on their computers. The boys especially, would not settle until they had a suitable visualisation on Windows Media Player to watch while they listened.

I teach in a 1:1 computing school and teachers complain that students get distracted. These are the same teachers who tune out of boring meetings when they have wireless access on their laptops. Students do the same, just more so. Teachers need to radically modify their practices to increase engagement.

My workshops:
Tablet Technology; its Application in Schools - Practical applications of tablet technology in the classroom. A comparison will be made between Tablets and Laptops and Tablets and Interactive Whiteboards. and why NIST has chosen to implement a one to one tablet program. A number of Tablets will be provided by a vendor for a “hands on” experience.

Why Every School Needs a Technology Director - covered in detail in a later blog

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