Friday, 15 December 2006

Why Every School Needs a Technology Director

This is a presentation that I gave at EARCOS Administrators Conference 2006 I have had to cut many of the slides out and all of the video, but I think the main ideas are still there.

The premise of the presentation was that schools did not become technology schools by natural evolution.
Pre-technology schools are in denial -
"we have projectors in every classroom"
- Overhead projectors don't count!

Pre-Technology schools have token technology access - not enough to influence teaching and learning.

Technology schools have

1:1 computing for teachers and students

Campus wide WiFi

Online curriculum

No intermediate technology like:



Interactive whiteboards

Pre-Technology schools have a lack of investment in Network infrastructure

Tech support should mean no downtime

Technology schools can make good use of the marketing opportunities of rebranding as a "Technology School"

What are the skill sets needed to make this happen?

Who can be a Tech Director? Many schools either promote their curriculum coordinator or Systems Manager.

Many bigger schools now have Tech Directors with skills from both camps

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