Monday, 17 September 2007

Learning 2.0 Shanghai

Great Technology Conference - and a big thanks to Jeff Utecht for getting us all Twittering and Ninging; before; during and after the conference. This technology is so great for creating community, that I have decided to use it to support ISTEC - the International Schools Technology group in Thailand. NIST is hosting our next meeting on 8th October and I am pleased that Chris Smith will be joining us.

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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Technology at NIST 3 Years on; time to move on

This is the NIST Server room 3 years ago, when I joined NIST as Tech Director. The three main storage "servers" (desktops) for secondary staff; elementary staff and students each with 40Gb of space!

The NIST Server room today - note the IBM Blade Centre and over 7 Terabytes of storage

Wireless network and one-to-one Tablet laptop program

Wireless projectors in every classroom

Online Curriculum using class wikis on windows sharepoint

With the exception of the tablets themselves; which were build into the school fees ; all this technology was financed out of existing budgets.
So at the end of this academic year; the tablet program will be full rolled out and I will be looking for another school to start the process all over again!

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