Sunday, 3 February 2008

Teaching Mathematics with a Tablet Laptop

One of the things I have noticed observing mathematics lessons, is that at some point the teacher does a worked example on the board. The students don’t watch and listen, but automatically pick up their pens and try to copy down the example and the workings. As the teacher is blocking the view of the board and their handwriting may need some deciphering; the students fall further and further behind in their copying. At some point they start to filter out the sound of the teacher talking, because it is a distraction from the task of copying. The teacher is in fact talking to themselves. Would be so much better to have the students watch the worked example as many times as they need; rewind or even fast forward!. “On demand learning” means that a student should not be forced to listen to a problem being explained if they already understand it. Below is an example of a problem being solved by a teacher at my school using their tablet laptop. Video capture is used with audio narration. The students watch the problem solved before the lesson and use the quality face to face time in the class to unpack the problem. – I don’t know about you, but I would have to watch the example several times!
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