Thursday, 20 March 2008

EARCOS Teachers' Conference 2008

I will be offering four workshops at the EARCOS Teachers' Conference in K.L.

Workshop 1
Title: Teaching with Tablets: The Development and Use of a One to One Tablet Laptop Program

This workshop will look at some of the pitfalls and tips for piloting a laptop program. It will consider the total cost of ownership and how such programs can be funded. How laptops can be used to enhance teaching and learning and the special benefits of tablets and digital ink. Notes for the workshop Teaching with Tablets

Workshop 2
Title: Taking Learning Online: Developing an Online Curriculum to Support Teaching and Learning

This workshop will look at how to developing an online curriculum and use it effectively to support teaching and independent learning, both in and outside the classroom. Notes for the workshop Taking learning online

Workshop 3
Title: Using Multimedia to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Students of the digital generation respond much better to multimedia than simple text based resources. The research has shown that because of multimedia stimulation, young people's brains are literally wired differently. This session will look at first why and then how to produce multimedia resources incorporating video and sound to enhance teaching and learning. Notes for the workshop Using Multimedia to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Workshop 4
Title: Creating Wonder and not Wander: Giving Focus to Technology Lessons

Students can waste a great deal of time searching for information and Googling. This workshop will look at strategies and structures to get students thinking more in technology lessons. Notes for the workshop Creating Wonder and not Wander
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