Monday, 2 April 2007

IBAP Teachers' Convention 2007

This photo was taken at the opening session of the IBAP (International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific) Teachers' Convention 2007: Information Literacy Across the IB Programmes in Singapore, a few moments before my presentation. You can see that I am still making finish touches!

More details of my presentation can be found at: IBO Convention Keynote . It was difficult to leave a soft copy of my presentation, as it was mostly pictures and video. I had to add a number of annotations to each slide to make it make sense. I was also used Powerpoint 2007, which is much prettier than 2003 - what do you think? The convention computers had only 2003, so I had to do a quick computer swap at the start of the presentaion.

I have some strong views about presentations - They should be interesting and engaging. I am sure that we have all experienced "Death by Powerpoint" - "You don't need to make notes, as it is all in the handout, but I am going spend an hour reading the words from every slide to you"

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